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Need emergency plumbing repair fast? Call us now to connect to a professional emergency plumber on the Northern Beaches.

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    24/7 Emergency Plumbing Repair Specialists

    Looking for an emergency plumber near me? Our fully licensed, compliant Master Plumbers have been responding to local emergency call-outs for more than 30 years. Over that time, we’ve dealt with all plumbing issues imaginable. Our team has the best skills, the latest equipment, cutting-edge procedures and an impressive jump-start response time (even in the middle of the night!). So if you are searching for a ‘24 hr emergency plumber near me’, you can rely on our local emergency plumbers to help, regardless of the time of day or night.

    Your Local 24-Hour Emergency Plumber

    24/7 Sydney North Shore Plumbing Services

    If you need emergency plumbing on the Northern beaches, you can rely on our team for the following services:

    Telephone: 1300 854 391

    24 Hour Emergency Leaking or Burst Pipes

    Leaking taps or pipes are annoying at best. However, at their worst, these guys can really wreak havoc. Nobody wants to wake up in a pool of murky water – we’re on hand to stem the water leak and get your household back to dry land.

    Gas Fitting Or Gas Leaks

    Emergency Gas Leak Repairs

    Gas fitting or gas leaks are no job for DIY. They require a qualified professional who understands the safety issues and can act accordingly. Your safety is paramount to us.

    Hot Water Systems

    Emergency Hot Water Repair

    It’s Murphy’s Law that the water heater tends to pack it in right in the middle of winter, isn’t it? Whatever your hot water repair or installation emergency, we’re here to help and get things back to boiling! If that just so happens to be the middle of a cold winter’s night, so be it!

    Blocked Drains

    Emergency Pipe and Drain Repairs

    Blocked drains can be a sight for sore eyes, let alone “on the nose”. For nasty, stubborn blockages that are way beyond a simple suction release, call us. We’ll clean them up and get them back to normal, so things run freely.

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    What makes us different to our competitors

    Our customer testimonials go a long way in explaining what sets us apart from the pack. Many of our customers highly recommend us for the following reasons:

    • 100% plumbing guarantee – we’re not afraid to put our money where our mouth is. We know you’ll be satisfied, and our plumbing guarantee makes sure of it.
    • Plumbing expertise – we are masters of our trade. We’ve serviced Sydney’s North Shore for over 30 years, and we always stay up to speed with the latest innovations and advances. Our high-quality work aims to sort out the problem and prevent it from happening again.
    • Fast response – if you need an urgent plumber, you can depend on us not to muck around.
    • Respectful – we treat your property as if it were our own. More often than not, we arrive at an emergency plumbing disaster scene. We not only fix it fast but leave the premises as clean as possible.
    • Upfront and reasonable pricing – we’re locals supporting locals. Your satisfaction is important to us, and that starts with transparent costing.
    • Empathy – emergency plumbing typically involves drama, if not trauma. Our team is courteous, polite and sympathetic to how overwhelming this can sometimes feel. We do all we can to smoothen the process for you.

    In short, we promise a reliable service. You can be assured our plumber on the Northern Beaches will be punctual, courteous, clean, thorough and transparent.

    What exactly is a plumbing emergency?

    This could indeed be open to interpretation – someone’s emergency is another’s ‘She’ll be right, mate… Hopefully’. 
    However, we define any of the following as a bonafide emergency:
    • Overflowing sewerage pipes 
    • Flooding and water damage
    • Gas leaks 
    • Major roof leaks 
    • Broken hot water systems 
    As you can see, these are all issues that immediately and significantly affect safety and/or quality of life. 

    What should I do if I have a plumbing emergency?

    You should call our 24/7 hotline on 1300 854 391. No matter what the time of day or night, we will respond.

    Should I try to fix the issue myself?

    No. At best, and with no disrespect intended, you might exacerbate the problem. At worst, you could potentially be in danger or put your family in harm’s way (this is particularly true if gas or flooding is involved). 
    You could clear the surroundings and make sure all members of the family – including pets – are nowhere near the affected area.

    How do I find an emergency plumber?

    It’s easy – just call us on 1300 854 391, and we will send you one of our local professional plumbers as soon as possible.

    Will an emergency plumber cost more than a regular plumber?

    Yes, this is the case throughout our industry; it is not specific to Killara Plumbing. An emergency plumber costs more typically because most emergencies happen outside standard business hours. If the problem occurs during business hours, it requires us to drop everything and get to you as soon as possible. As a result, we would need to charge accordingly to compensate.  

    Can I prevent plumbing emergencies from happening?

    Possibly, yes. Our plumbing blog shares some great advice on plumbing prevention rather than cure. The golden rule is to act as soon as you detect a problem – don’t put your head in the sand and hope it might go away, as the likelihood of this is very low. 

    What should I do if I have a plumbing emergency outside of regular business hours?

    Just call us on 1300 854 391. We are available any time, day or night. We can provide you with a solid estimate of costs before we undertake any emergency repairs so that you’re not in the dark. 

    Josh Tobin
    Josh Tobin
    Great service for our plumbing, Matt was an excellent professional and sorted out our plumbing quick and cleanly (wore clean covers for his boots). And then when we had a small follow up issues he was there the next day to solve it. Just good professional plumbing. Will definitely use again
    Thomas Frenkel
    Thomas Frenkel
    I received great customer service from Killara & Rose Bay Plumbing. Sherwyn the plumber arrived on time, was professional, friendly, and clearly explained what the problem was and potential solutions. I would recommend this company for your plumbing needs.
    Georgie Antaw
    Georgie Antaw
    Definitely the best plumbing service we have used to date, and will no longer use another service. Our hot water system needed replacing and from the first call this was dealt with so seamlessly. The old unit was taken away, new unit installed, an electrician organized, all within a few hours. Amazing! No mess was left behind, which I’ve never experienced from a trade, was an added bonus. No hesitation in recommending. I can see why Killara Plumbing have so many positive reviews.
    Ying Chiew Ong
    Ying Chiew Ong
    Ryan was very knowledgeable was helpful in explaining the extent of pipe leakage in the wall and rectification steps that is needed. Overall , very happy with Ryan’s work and professionalism. Would recommend Killara Plumbing
    Amanda Sojan
    Amanda Sojan
    Matt attended our property today to help unblock our storm water drains. He was very thorough and knowledgeable providing great advice. He took me though the process providing photos and video to help me understand the extent of the issue. He provided great service and I would highly recommend Killara plumbing for any plumbing service and Matt. Thanks for your great work.
    marika varady
    marika varady
    Claude was amazing and went above and beyond to make sure that all my toilet and shower issues were totally fixed. Both my toilets are old and needed various repairs and replacement of cistern, pipes and other elements. The shower now works beautifully. He was courteous and explained everything thoroughly. He cleaned up thoroughly before he left. I wish I had had this done ages ago. Thank you Claude for an outstanding job! M
    Meredith Lim
    Meredith Lim
    Both Matt and Claude provided 1st class plumbing services. They were extremely proficient and very knowledgeable in their work - the tap work was replaced in my shower. My shower is now working fantastic! I was even educated on how to turn both my gas and hot and cold water off at the main in an emergency. Matt and Claude left my place neat and tidy and had excellent Customer Service. They were very polite and had a friendly manner.